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Bring Your Guests a Breath of Fresh Air

Bring Your Guests a Breath of Fresh Air

Welcome Them Back Into Healthy and Virus-Free Safe Zones with the AerMax 500 

Good air quality plays a important part in creating a comfortable experience and guests are increasingly more conscious of the quality of air they breathe. They judge restaurants and hotels today on more than just the quality of food or ambience; they look for those who pay most attention to their comfort and well-being.

Ensuring clean air in your establishment is a significant way to set your service apart. Indian cities regularly record unhealthy levels of air quality and the brunt of this is experienced through indoor air pollution. The impact on health is concerning: it ranges from short-term discomfort like irritation in the eyes and nose to more serious effects on respiratory health and various organs. 

Studies have shown that physical distancing and disinfecting surfaces may not be enough to curb the spread of Covid-19 when airborne particles are able to circulate within closed spaces. Many businesses are looking for ways to combat this problem. 

Efficient indoor air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove hazardous pollutants and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission without disrupting service.

Relieve your guests and employees' fears and secure your business's future by investing in the right air filtration solution. With the superior air monitoring systems available with the AerMax 500, you can also provide and display daily reports of the air quality within your establishment.

The AerMax 500 requires no retrofitting and no structural work. Its noise-free, discreet design ensures it fits into any environment, from an intimate space with live music to a multipurpose recreation area.

  • Catches and Kills: The AerMax 500 filters & eliminates 99.97% of particulate matter, viruses, bacterias & microbes in 30 seconds
  • Best Suited for the Hospitality Industry: With 10 times the media area of a domestic air purifier, the AerMax 500 is designed to curb the risk of infection in busy environments
  • Frequent Air Changes: Air in the entire room goes through HEPA filtration every 10-12 minutes and is constantly refreshed

With over 25 years of experience supplying filters to facilities like operation theatres and baby food processing units, Spectraco is the right partner for you and your guests. 

A steady supply of clean, uncontaminated air through an indoor air purifier is a simple way to keep not only customers and employees, but also your business, healthy and safe.

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