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Foster a Positive  and Rewarding  Atmosphere at Work

Foster a Positive and Rewarding Atmosphere at Work

Boost Employee Health and Productivity with the AerMax 500 

Clean air is known to contribute to a comfortable and healthy environment. This extends to the workplace, where people spend a majority of their time: improved air quality in offices in instrumental in creating a positive and productive work atmosphere. Research shows that in addition to keeping employees healthy, improving indoor air quality leads to a considerable increase in cognitive functions such as processing information and making decisions.

Indian cities frequently record unhealthy levels of air quality; these pollutants circulate indoors in poorly-ventilated spaces and wreak havoc on our health. At its worst, hazardous air quality causes discomfort like nasal congestion and long-term concerns like asthma and lung cancer. At its best, poor IAQ increases lethargy, affects work performance, and compounds the risk of illness. Ensuring clean air in your workplace can positively affect the mental health, productivity, and overall well-being of your team.  

While offices have settled into a new normal after the nation-wide lockdown, there is only so much temperature checks and regular sanitisation can do to curb the risk of infection. In closed indoor spaces, poor ventilation significantly increases the chances of airborne transmission.

Efficient air cleaners with individually-tested HEPA filters can remove hazardous pollutants and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission without disrupting regular operations.

Establish your commitment to your team's safety and well-being by investing in the right air filtration solution. With the superior air monitoring systems available with AerMax 500 air purifier for offices, you can also share and display daily reports of the air quality within your premises.

The AerMax 500 requires no retrofitting and no structural work. Its noise-free, discreet design ensures it fits into any environment, from a sedate conference room to a crowded office canteen.

  • Catches and Kills: The AerMax 500 filters & eliminates 99.97% of particulate matter, viruses, bacterias & microbes in 30 seconds
  • Best Suited for Office Environments: With 10 times the media area of a domestic air purifier, our cleaners are designed to meet the demands of large workplaces
  • Frequent Air Changes: Air in the entire room goes through HEPA filtration every 10-12 minutes and is constantly refreshed

With over 25 years of experience supplying filters to facilities like operation theatres and baby food processing units, Spectraco is the right partner for you and your team. 

A steady supply of clean, uncontaminated air is a simple way to ensure the health and well-being of not only your employees, but also your business.

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