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How TrueShield HEPA Air Purifiers Fight Off Allergens & VOCs

How TrueShield HEPA Air Purifiers Fight Off Allergens & VOCs

A TrueShield HEPA air purifier like AerMax 500 can protect occupants from potential allergy triggers that could be triggered by allergens.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of why we must not negate the influence of minute airborne particles that are invisible to the naked eye. Its detrimental impact on public health cannot be overlooked. With respect to this concern, it is imminent to address indoor air quality and minimize the exposure to contaminants like ultrafine particles, biological pollutants and particulate matter that come across as insignificant. This can be best tackled by the installation of an air purifier – a move that is of utmost significance especially in poorly ventilated and densely populated indoor spaces.

Let’s explore the role of a HEPA air purifier in this regard.

What are Allergens? 

With exposure to pollen and mould comes an allergic reaction whose severity varies from person to person. This also applies to those who suffer from conditions like asthma which are further exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. The particles that cause these reactions are termed allergens. To minimize susceptibility and create a clean indoor space for universal welfare, the installation of a HEPA air purifier is a proven step in the right direction.  

Discover Allergen-free Spaces with AerMax 500

A TrueShield HEPA air purifier like AerMax 500 can protect occupants from potential allergy triggers that could be triggered by allergens. It is fitted with a specialized ‘TrueShield HEPA’ H-13 filter that captures particles as small as 0.052 microns with 99.998% efficiency. This medical-grade HEPA filter permanently arrests allergens as well as other biological pollutants.

What are VOCs?

Volatile Organic Compounds are indoor gases that are emitted from solids or liquids. The concentration of many VOCs is consistently higher indoors than outdoors, by up to 10 times . Even as they have become essential ingredients in several products, undesirable exposure to these can bring about serious short-term as well as long-term effects on health. These range across headaches, visual disorders, fatigue, allergic skin reactions, loss of coordination and eye irritation and are also capable of causing cancer.

Explore Effective Solutions to Remove VOCs

The severity of the exposure to VOCs is recognized by the EPA and they have laid down certain guidelines to be followed: 

  • Buy limited quantities of products like paint and kerosene

  • Ensure minimal exposure to products containing methylene chloride

  • Ensure minimal exposure to benzene and perchloroethylene emissions

  • Safely remove containers of old/unwanted chemicals that are partially full

  • Increase ventilation when using products that emit VOCs

  • Unless directed on the label, do not mix household care products

When choosing an air purifier for VOCs, you will need one that can specialize in the removal of gases and other airborne particles. The AerMax 500 is also fitted with the MG50-Gas & Odour Filter that eliminates gaseous pollutants like H₂S, Cl₂ and HCHO as well as other VOCs through the process of adsorption.

Why Trust AerMax’s TrueShield HEPA Air Purifiers?

AerMax 500 is a commercial air purifier by Spectrum Filtration, pioneers in the air filtration industry for the past 25 years. To ensure maximum effectiveness, this air cleaner is fitted with 3 essential filters:

This TrueShield HEPA air purifier has 8 - 10 times more filter media than any other domestic air purifier. Its certifications add to its credibility and explain why it ought to be a staple in various sectors that witness high occupancy rates. 

  • Proven to capture particles as small as 0.052 microns with 99.998% efficiency as per Independent German Laboratory.

  • Each HEPA filter is individually scanned as per EN 1822.

  • Independently tested & certified by NABL Laboratories.

  • Certified by SITRA for 99.99% viral efficiency.

Now breathe easy with a guarantee of clean, antiviral air within all your indoor spaces. 

Get nothing but the best with AerMax.


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