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Increase Footfall in Your Establishment with Clean, Virus-Free Air

Increase Footfall in Your Establishment with Clean, Virus-Free Air

Indoor air quality can determine the future occupancy for the hospitality sector

There’s no denying the influence of the pandemic on our day to day lives. But even more crucial than that is the way it has changed our perception and awareness of personal health and safety. Rising pollution levels and degrading air quality have been pre existing subjects of concern. However, the adverse impacts of COVID-19 have shed light on the necessity of an air purification system for safe purified air in indoor establishments.

Indoor air is often 5 times worse than outdoor air. Prolonged lack of ventilation leads to concentration of harmful contaminants and particles which adversely impacts indoor air quality. With this heightened awareness about IAQ, occupants will constantly evaluate if the establishment is a safe & good fit for them. 

To meet the emerging requirements of the future guests, ventilation and air purifiers will play a key role. 

Air Purification: The Most Effective Way to Guarantee Safety

Hotels can be classified as high-risk areas where airborne viruses are transmitted. This is due to high guest turnover rates combined with high levels of footfall in restaurants, lobbies, spas and other such common areas. While air quality has always been an important factor for hotels, it has never been as significant as it is today. 

Hotel developers and managers are now warming up to the idea of the role of indoor air quality in the hospitality sector. Besides disinfection and frequent sanitization, hotels must look into ventilation to provide clean air. They should consider investing in air purification systems and monitoring indoor air quality. Hence, the question of ‘clean' air is sure to play a vital role in the RFP process. Alongside this, air purifying systems also work to remove the menace of odour and the lingering chemical & gasses within rooms. 

Can Air Purifiers Give Hotels a Competitive Advantage?

Wellness is a matter of key consideration amidst the highly competitive hospitality industry. With improved indoor air quality, hotels can provide value to guests by ensuring a clean, hygienic environment. We have seen its effective adoption in the aviation industry wherein both major aircraft makers & airlines advertised about the cabin air quality, filters, and exchange of fresh air to reassure passengers. The safe IAQ will then be advertised as an in-house safety parameter for ‘safe air’. This can consequently be used to attract and retain loyal customers. 

Just as the aviation industry has openly communicated its IAQ and adherence to safety parameters for safe air, it may soon become a marketing tool for the hotel sector. Consequently, with good hotel air quality management come great benefits:

  • Results in better health and wellbeing of occupants and employees

  • They easily alleviate guest concerns

  • It showcases the awareness level of the hotel

  • Clean, safe air can attract/retain consumers

  • Acts as a major selling point when guests evaluate hotels

Why Should Hotels Opt for AerMax Air Purifiers?

The trusted air filtration technology of AerMax successfully removes airborne pollutants from indoor establishments. It is a product that has been developed by Spectrum Filtration - pioneers in the air filtration industry with a legacy of 25 years backing them. This makes the TrueShield HEPA H-13 Technology in AerMax 500 a trusted solution. It is also certified for 99.99% viral efficiency as per SITRA. Its HEPA Filters are also individually scanned as per EN 1822. Other ways that AerMax 500 would benefit the hotels are as follows: 

  • Makes purified, virus-free air a reality in every space

  • Ideal for guests due to its silent functioning

  • Prevents the risk of infection inside busy environments

  • Convenient plug and play installation

  • Purifies the entire indoor air every 10 – 12 minutes

  • Puts guests mind to rest by displaying IAQ levels 

  • Allows guests to confidently use common amenities like spas & restaurants 

The range of air purifiers by Aermax 500 has the ability to assist the hospitality industry with its state-of-the-art air cleaning solutions. It is scientifically proven to address every concern with respect to IAQ and even eliminate the smallest of particles and contaminants.

So achieve maximum protection for your indoor spaces.

Trust Aermax for all your air filtration needs.

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