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Monitor & Manage Air Quality with Smart Air Purifiers

Monitor & Manage Air Quality with Smart Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are now key to ensuring that people coexist in an environment devoid of ultrafine particles, VOCs and other pollutants. 


The air we breathe can have a significant impact on our health. This fact stands true when we learn that there are more than 1.6 million deaths (2019) due to IAQ-related issues in India.

Contrary to popular belief, staying indoors does not minimize our exposure to pollutants since airborne contaminants tend to linger indoors as well. This problem is more intensified when in indoor establishments that are densely populated and poorly ventilated since there is mounting evidence of how transmission of COVID-19 is airborne . This is perhaps the biggest reason to prioritize IAQ today.

So be it a commercial space or an educational institution, one ought to address the threats posed by the microscopic movements of aerosols (which measure less than 5 micrometres). They float freely and unnoticed in the air and can be released through simple activities such as speaking, coughing or singing. In such a setting, a smart air purifier has never been more vital for our health than today.

An insight into its functioning will reveal why.

How Does a Smart Air Purifier Function?

Air purifiers are now key to ensuring that people coexist in an environment devoid of ultrafine particles, VOCs and other pollutants. Alongside rising levels of pollution, the threat of the SARS-CoV-2 has been keeping establishments on their feet. But a smart air purifier can change all that. It removes airborne toxins from the indoor air, successfully filters out harmful contaminants and instead circulates clean, pollutant-free air indoors.

There are several filters that work in conjunction to achieve this so one must use a revolutionary air purifier. A typical HEPA filter air purifier would be the ideal solution since it has the capability to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns or lesser. But you will also require the assistance of a pre-filter and a carbon filter since the former is necessary for the removal of large particles while the latter adsorbs odours, VOCs and gasses.

‘Smart’ denotes how one can understand the performance of an air purifier alongside handy information about IAQ that is readily accessible anytime and anywhere. 

In this regard, the AerMax 500 is a must for any commercial space today. This IoT-enabled air cleaner can assure the safety of occupants, staff and management through real-time data. You will see the difference for yourself through an analysis of the severity of your IAQ before and after the simple installation of this smart air purifier. 

Why Turn to the AerMax 500?

The experience of the industry’s best for your spaces:

The AerMax 500 carries Spectrum Filtration’s 25 years of expertise in the air filtration industry

Filter media and performance that’s far above the ordinary:

Expect 10 times the media area of a domestic air purifier with the AerMax 500

Certified to guarantee high efficiency:

Each of its proprietary TrueShield HEPA H-13 filters is individually scanned as per EN 1822 with 99.99% viral efficiency as per SITRA

Simple means of air quality measurement with real-time data:

The advanced air monitoring systems of AerMax 500 assure daily reports of your indoor air quality 

Offers reduced risk of infection by 99.998%:

Deactivates ultrafine particles as small as 0.052 microns and its accuracy is backed by an Independent German Laboratory

Noise-free functioning within establishments:

With decibel levels as low as 52 dB, there is minimal interference within any environment it is placed in

This makes it the perfect example of a smart air purifier. 

With its installation, sit back and breathe safe air when indoors.

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