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What Makes an Air Purifier Effective?

What Makes an Air Purifier Effective?

In the midst of this, indoor air quality has taken centre stage. With scientific research showing that COVID-19 is primarily airborne, the need for a HEPA air purifier has spiked during the pandemic

Social distancing and basic hygiene precautions are essential for a faster return to normalcy.

Amidst reopening measures, we are now armed with scientific knowledge that can help us make way for safer public spaces. In the midst of this, indoor air quality has taken centre stage. With scientific research showing that COVID-19 is primarily airborne, the need for a HEPA air purifier has spiked during the pandemic. 

Before choosing a smart air purifier, here is what you should know.

Quantity of air needed:

The first step to purchasing an effective antiviral air purifier is knowing how much clean air can be supplied inside indoor spaces. This has two basic considerations:

CFM (cubic feet per minute): 

A rating that shows the quantity of air produced in any given minute

ACH (air changes per hour): 

A number that indicates how often the volume of air indoors is completely replaced by new and purified air

These numbers will vary depending on the size of the room.

Densely populated indoor spaces with poor ventilation would require a high capacity model like the AerMax 500 air purifier that reduces the likelihood of transmission and eventual contamination within large indoor spaces. For the best defence, it is vital to set up an air purifier like AerMax 500 that will be sure to deliver. It has an airflow rate of 500 CFM and provides effective air purification based on the area covered:


Type of filter required:

Different types of filters have different properties. But as a rule of thumb, it is wise to install an air purifier with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters or upgrade the central ventilation system to MERV 13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) or higher. Whichever you choose, ensure that it has the ability to capture harmful pollutants such as dust, smoke and odour as well as contagious, ultrafine particles like bacteria, allergens and viruses.

But for the removal of gases and chemicals from indoor spaces, one will need to ensure that their antiviral air purifier is also fitted with an Activated Carbon Filter. AerMax 500 is one such air purifier that is suited for large indoor spaces since it is equipped with the following filters: 

Noise levels generated:

When searching for the best air purifier, sound levels must also be considered. A purifier with effective filtration technology but noisy functioning will impede the flow of operations in any establishment. The AerMax 500 acts as a silent hero here since it curbs virus transmission and circulates clean air without disturbance. Generating only 52 decibels, akin to a conversation at home, expect minimal interference in regard to noise levels. 


Certification and warranty:

Before making a final purchase, be sure to check the vital information associated with the purifier’s certification and warranty. Just like any electronic device that you would purchase, verify the terms and conditions that comprise the warranty. With the AerMax range of air purifiers, every product is certified along with a 3 year warranty period attached. Listed below is the necessary information:

  • According to an Independent German Laboratory, AerMax 500  captures particles as small as 0.052 microns with 99.998% efficiency.
  • Each ‘TrueShield HEPA’ H-13 Filter is scanned as per EN 1822
  • It is certified for 99.99% viral efficiency as per SITRA
  • Independently tested & certified by NABL Laboratories

How AerMax Fits the Description of the Perfect Air Purifier

As discussed, AerMax 500 easily stands above the rest due to a variety of reasons:

  • Backed by the 25-year legacy and expertise of Spectrum Filtration.
  • Specialised TrueShield HEPA filtration catches ultrafine particles.
  • It takes only 10 – 12 minutes to purify the entire indoor air.
  • Eliminates harmful chemicals, VOC’s and odour within any indoor setting.

Offering a seamless way to create clean, virus-free zones indoors, its easy plug n’ play installation makes it a top choice for a variety of industries. Additionally, what sets it apart is that the TrueShield HEPA filter has 8 – 10 times more filter media than any domestic air purifier, making it best suited to safeguard busy indoor environments. Be it hospitals, offices, restaurants or hotels – all can benefit from the promise of good health and well-being with an antiviral air purifier as effective as this.

Breathe easy now with AerMax 500. 

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